My popular tweets vol.1

<<Fafner in the Azure>>

–Looking back at ”Fafner in the Azure” , you will learn what it means to draw a person’s death with dignity. It can be done only by revealing what the dead person was indirectly by drawing carefully how the emotions and behaviors of the surviving person change with the death of the person.

–This is the holy land of ”Fafner in the Azure” I visited in the past, and it is in my hometown of Hiroshima prefecture. When I was giving up because it was on a steep slope, a kind local junior high school student called out and pushed my wheelchair up to this point! I was confident that this child is Hiroshima’s greatest treasure. Other treasures of Hiroshima include lemons and hassaku etc.


–I’ve learned to call out their names at the beginning of any requests I make to my helpers to clearly distinguish them from the instructions I give to Alexa. Each time, I feel sorry for treating them as a terminal on the same line as the smart speaker, and a sense of dysphoria that we humans are just one of the nodes.

–I said “I’m in trouble because Alexa often disobeys my commands. ”

Helper said  “Well, Alexa is also human.” 

I said “Really?”
It’s a silly conversation.

Then, Alexa said, “I’m sorry. I don’t know now. “

So We had an agreement that this issue would be put on hold until the arrival of singularity.

<<About the coronavirus>>

–People with disabilities living alone, including myself, are most afraid ,  ” If I feel a little sick (regardless of whether I have corona infection or not), they may refuse all the home care services I need for my life.” now. I have already heard many cases where the concern has come to fruition, despite the notice from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

–Since I have a cough, I started to consider using the visiting medical service. In the case of me, thanks to the medical expenses subsidy system for people with severe physical and intellectual disabilities, it seems that I can get medical examination for 500 yen at my own expense, excluding transportation expenses. Even if I go to a nearby hospital, it will be a heavy burden on myself and the helper when I go out and prepare for it, so the system really helps me.

–Osaka Prefecture is doing 500 yen discount on delivery in order to reduce going out. I don’t know whether the policy is good or bad. Anyway, the policy  is extremely helpful to me with severe disabilities, and there is no doubt that I am grateful for it. It’s always so hard for me to go out even without a corona, that it’s  difficult to eat the food at various restaurants.


–Tokaido Shinkansen’s wheelchair seats, you can apply only by phone instead of online. There is no mechanism to register basic information, name, TEL, age group, type of wheelchair etc. I speak all of them same every time. In addition, since a huge number of items are exchanged verbally, there are frequent omissions of hearing, and a single reservation results in a total of three loopbacks, which interrupts work.

–When I got on the Shinkansen, the treatment for people with disabilities changed by 180 degrees compared to a year ago, and I was treated respectfully very much.  I felt that “This is the power of the Diet members to ask questions …!” Of course, I think the challenges in terms of hardware are yet to come, but I was honestly happy that the station staff and conductors treated me as a human.

<<The response to Sagamihara City’s serial killing of persons with disabilities, and about  the defendant, Mr.Uematsu>>

–Mr.Uematsu said “Persons with disabilities who cannot communicate is not worth living.” The response to it should not be “No, these people may be able to communicate.” It should be ” I think the value of living is unrelated to whether communication is possible or not. ” The former is absolutely different from the latter. We should never make a mistake about it.

–I read the  five volumes of the manga “TRIAGE” written by Uematsu in prison. The story of an irregular “Dendenko” who has had a “heart” as a clone for the provision of medical organs, but escapes while demanding human rights. Gag scenes and hot battle scenes are brilliant. A solid drawing power fascinate the reader.

–If you can ask the Uematsu defendant only one question, what do you ask? For the first time now, I am quite surprised to find that even if I have the opportunity to meet him, I have few questions that I would like to ask him.

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