My popular tweets vol.2(Updated from time to time)

<<Added on June 4>>

–The basic income (BI) debate is likely to reignite in the future. It usually refers to a policy of abolishing individual benefits for nursing care, medical care, and welfare, and giving a flat-rate cash benefit across the board. Under the system, not only a person like me who costs several hundred thousand yen a month for nursing care, will not be able to live, but you will also lose 20,000 to 30,000 yen a month just to get a conserter at your own expense. It seems quite severe.

–I’m sure it’s for public health reasons, but the recent widening of the aisles at GAMERS(Japanese Otaku shop) has been really helpful for wheelchairs. I think it’s just as important to positively mention these improved aspects as it is to raise the issue. If the media does that, it may be taken as an affirmation of the status quo, so it is something that only individuals can do.


–There are many experiences that religions or spiritual people said that “You are a disability because you have been rewarded for the crimes you committed in your previous life. I think this word is too strong because it is highly aggressive but cannot be rebutted and there is a shield of religious freedom. I want this card to be banned because it breaks the game balance of the society,

–I work in the segregation sections that concentrates and isolates staffs with disabilities. Nearly half of the sections I belong are disabled people. It is skillfully camouflaged so that you will never know it from the section name. This is the reality of a “symbiotic society”.

–There is a very common pattern of “scary stories” such as “A child with a disability had been born to a disgusting person. That’s right!! ” on aggregation sites. But we, disabilities, were  never born as signs to express unhappiness.  We are human beings before  we are  disabilities. 

–I felt really sorry because there were people being seriously enraged by an article that I wrote we should set a frame for the disabled person in Kirara anime.

<<Tokyo University, Kyoto University , Public High School>>

–The public high school I graduated in the countryside,was trying very hard to increase the number of passers of the University of Tokyo / Kyoto / Former Imperial University with all the power of Hiroshima Prefecture. But most of the passers almost never coming back to the prefecture. In other words, Hiroshima Prefecture has deliberately focused its prefectural tax  on encouraging the exodus of good taxpayers from there. I don’t know why after all these years.


–Anyway, the mechanics of earning a favo(like) do not work at all here, but instead of it, the meaning is thoroughly decolorized from posts. Reflexes are the most important thing like a rhythm game. Comparing Twitter and Mastodon, the latter is closer to face-to-face communication.

<<Rem (Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World)>>

–A woman said, “Rem is overly feminine, but rather looks like an Otokonoko(Femboy).”
I was surprised at her original point of view.


–No matter how you walk across various “third places” and distribute your dependence and use  your divided self, you can’t eliminate your desire for self-identity and sense of belonging. The older you get, the bigger this problem becomes. So far, the answer to that has been work, family, and religion. In this day and age, we may be struggling to find a fourth option.

<<To be, or not to be>>

–This is a prayer or a self-imposed force that puts me on the line, but I want you to somehow survive this world in your own way. In any form, only to be alive is a wonderful achievement. And I hope that you can affirm your way of life someday.

–There was a large number of people who were tongue-in-cheek and a person who gently closed their hands when I heard that a train was delayed due to train-suicide. If the latter looks more strange and eerie to most people than the former, I think such a society is absolutely strange.

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